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Beijing Superlaser Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional medical and beauty equipment manufacturer integrating R & D, production, sales and service. Since its establishment in 2010. Superlaser Factory has been committed to the research and development of biomedical, photoelectric technology, control technology and other high-end professional medical laser dermatology equipment, and has become one of the most advanced manufacturers of photo-electronic medical beauty industry.


  • Hair Laser 808
  • Hair Laser 808
  • HIFU Facelift Machine

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  • Superlaser pro HR series hair removal laser device

    Laser hair removal technology How does laser hair removal actually work? The word laser is actually an acronym for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation”. The laser hair removal device emits monochromatic coherent light. During laser hair removal, the device targets melanin in ...

  • Paris Hilton uses $18,000-a-night lymphatic drainage machine

    In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Paris Hilton let readers know her health secrets, and she made it clear that her beauty starts from within. Her mornings always start with skincare—she lists U Beauty The Barrier Bioactive Treatment ($198) and ToGoSpa Patches ($15) as her favorites—but she...

  • Professional OEM and ODM service for Your Laser Medical Beauty Machine

    China Superlaser Factory offer Professional OEM ,ODM service for Your Laser Medical Beauty Machine:    A) Print any color you want for your machine, make it  be you and your client favourite . B) Print your logo on the machine shell and add it into system as welcome interface .Make it exclusive i...

  • RFTM technology VANQUISH ME and Oscillating mechanical energy X-WAVE

    What is VANQUISH ME VANQUISH ME is the second generation of contactless technology for non-invasive fat cell disruption. With the largest treatment area in the industry, it treats flank to flank in one session, all with unrivaled patient comfort and safety. How does it work? Using the patented Se...

  • Emsculpt machine for slimming increase in muscle mass reduction in fat device

    What is EMSCULPT machine? EMSCULPT machine is the only procedure which helps patients build muscle and sculpt the body. In addition, EMSCULPT provides the world’s first non-invasive buttock toning procedure. How Does this emsculpt machine for slimming Work? EMSCULPT machine is based on hig...